April 25 – is the last day that I say Kaddish for my father.


The way the community rallied around me has truly warmed my heart and comforted me in ways I can hardly describe. I know that my father is looking down from heaven beaming with pride. It has truly been an honor to live in such a loving, warm, and dedicated community.

Thank you so much for supporting me during this time.

I know that getting a call from me about minyan wasn’t always the most comfortable thing, and I know that many of you put aside very important things, or time with family or friends to be able to attend minyan. I am so appreciative of all of it. Truth is, we accomplished something great. A daily minyan in a place like New Paltz is no small feat. It was something positive for the entire town. Sometimes there were three or four people saying kaddish together.

To show my appreciation, I’d like to make a celebration of what we’ve accomplished. While I would have done anything not to be in this situation. I am so glad that when it happened, I had you! My father would have loved that his memory made a daily evening minyan in New Paltz! That, I want to celebrate!

Please join me.

Whether you came and helped me with a minyan once, or a hundred times. Or even if you wanted to come but were never able to make it. Or if you helped someone else come bypassing on my messages, or by relieving them of other obligations.

Please join me!!!

Sunday April 25th 7:30pm

We will daven Minchah. At which I will say kaddish one last time. Then we will have a BBQ and some lechaims. Vegetarian options available. You can bring a plus one.

Please let me know if you’ll be coming

Rabbi Moshe

p.s. COVID is still a thing. So, we will still be distancing & wearing masks. But if we’re careful, we can do this safely.