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Events for Week of Rosh Hashanah

To RSVP for Shofar Making Sunday Sep 10th 6pm rsvp.JewPaltz.com/Shofar To RSVP for Honey Cake Baking Monday Sep 11th 6pm rsvp.JewPaltz.com/Bake To RSVP for Rosh Hashanah rsvp.JewPaltz.com/RoshHashanah For full Schedule rsvp.JewPaltz.com/HighHolidays

Rosh Hashanah 2023

Highlights: For Community: Sunday Sep 17th 4pm Shofar at the “Scenic Overlook by the Bridge” (corner of Main & Huguenot) For Students: Sunday Sep 17th 6pm Shofar at the Pond (in front of the Student Union) These will be short Rosh Hashanah services. They will include Highlights from the Rosh Hashanah traditions including Avinu Malkeinu, …

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Passover 2020

B”H This is where we will be posting information about Passover 2020. Things are currently in flux due to the Coronavirus. Please check back here regularly. We will be posting announcements here and this will also be the best place to come and RSVP for Seders and, workshops, and classes. In the meantime, if you …

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Rosh Hashanah 2018

High Holiday Services are open to everyone.
The prayer books are in Hebrew and English.
No previous knowledge is required, everything is explained in English, and you are welcome to just drop in for a bit or stay throughout.
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